Monday, June 27, 2011

Are you doing what you love?

Is the work (paid or unpaid) you're doing something you love? There are many things about my work that I think are interesting and important but it's not what I feel passionate about. I think I'm generally in the realm of where I'm supposed to be but I don't think I'm using all of my skills and potential in the best way possible. So I'm striving to be open to possibilities and changes that I'm not necessarily anticipating as part of the "plan".

I believe in making a difference and making the world a better place--as cliche as that sounds. For me it's important to feel like what I'm doing matters and in some small way can make a community better or make a difference in someone's life. We all have bills to pay but I'm hopeful that I can intertwine a career that not only pays the bills but satisfies my soul. However, I don't necessarily believe that one's purpose here has to be tied to a career. There are many ways to be your best self and be of your best service--parenting, care taking, volunteer work.

For me being a mom, wife, daughter and friend is the most important part of my life. Family and friends are critical to my well-being. I'm also interested in environmental issues, politics, community and social issues. These things get me fired up. But I spend my evenings reading food and design blogs. I suppose we're all like this there are many things that make up who we are and it's multi-dimensional. So I'll continue working toward fulfilling my purpose and trying to be open to my soul's purpose.

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