Thursday, November 3, 2011

Following the clues Day 18

We are each getting little clues all time about our calling. I've been searching out several different paths but my little clues have been refocusing my attention on my current profession. I read somewhere that most people are generally in the right field but are often just in the wrong niche within that field. I think that's about right for me. There are many aspects of my current profession that I enjoy but I think a slightly different approach may better suit my skills.

I've been doing a bunch of writing lately, some work related and some on a freelance basis. I'm learning that I have a skill set better suited to some audiences than others. It's a great realization and a small but significant shift in my path. So I'll readjust my path a bit and refocus my energy.

I've found that I've gotten positive reinforcement and feedback in the opportunities that I've pursued within my current field, rather than those outside of my field. This helps me to modify my path enough to figure out how I can incorporate some different elements into my current field to better reflect my skills and interests.

Are you working in a field that is your calling?

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