Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here and now

I needed some inspiration today. I'm feeling in a bit of a lull after all of the excitement of the past few months. I haven't taken the time in the past couple of weeks to sit down and identify new short term goals for myself. Taking the time to write down short term goals is critical for me--it helps me stay focused and on track toward the greater goal--professional fulfillment and challenge.

I went to Oprah's website and looked at some of her "Lifeclass" lessons for some inspiration and found this:
"Do you have an "intention statement" for your life? If not, write one now by answering these two questions: 1) How do you want this world to be different because you lived? 2) How do you want to be different because you lived in this world?"
Here's my response:

I want this world to be more just, more compassionate and focused on intentional living, being mindful of how today's decisions affect tomorrow with regard to the environment, money, children, energy, relationships. 

I want to be more compassionate, patient, kind and generous because I've lived in this world. I want to put energy into the world that is positive rather than reactive or negative.
What do you think? What's your response?

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