Friday, November 4, 2011

Maximizing Opportunity Day 19

I would describe myself as a bit of a shy person. Whenver I go to conferences I always feel uncomfortable introducing myself to new people and "networking" at the social events. I never know what to say! Since I've been working to create new opportunities for myself I've realized how important it is to network or ask the people that you know for help. It's not my strong point but I'm working on putting myself out there in different ways in the hopes of opening up new opportunities.

Photo courtesy of Xavier Fane

I've applied to participate in projects, contacted publications trying to get my work included and contacted people that I know peripherally in the hopes of making things happen. Here's the thing--it seems like it works. It's the whole "ask and you shall receive." If you never ask the question or put yourself out there, how would anyone know what your interested in or that you're available? I have to say though, email makes all of this a lot easier. It's much easier to send off a quick email to someone you sort of know than to call them. Maybe it's cheating, but it's pretty standard for our times.

I'm still not sure I can go to a conference and network but maybe that will be my next challenge!

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