Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finding the messages Day 8

“What does it matter what makes you cry or tear up? Maybe it just means you’re overly emotional, sappy, too sensitive. Maybe. Or maybe our tears are tiny messengers, secret keepers of the most vulnerable kind, sent to deliver a most important message—Here is where your heart beats strong. Here is a hint to your design. Here is a gift from your inner life, sent to remind you those things that make you come alive.Chatting at the Sky.

Finding your passions isn't always easy or obvious. As I recommended on Day 5, taking some time to write down activities that full immerse and engage you is a good place to start. After reading the above from Chatting at the Sky, she reminded me that there also smaller whispers that we should pay attention to. When you get the chills, the tears well up or there is some other small little voice saying "isn't that interesting,"--pay attention! These things speak to your heart and sometimes it takes a bit longer for our head to process that information.

I'll be paying closer attention to those whispers and reactions. Writing them down when it happens is useful so that we don't forget those moments. What whispers have spoken to your heart?

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