Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The pursuit might take patience--Day 6

So I missed day 5, oh well, it happens.

Moving on... Day 6.

The pursuit of your passion might take some patience. Patience is not really my best virtue. I want things to happen quickly, I want people to respond immediately! Ugh! I get impatient, a tad frustrated and begin to doubt myself when things don't work out immediately.

Most often, life doesn't work out that quickly and according to plan. On my journey to pursue what I am passionate about I began with identifying those things which I am passionate about and then brainstorming ideas for how I could incorporate them into my life and career. After I came up with a list of ideas I started pursuing five or six of them. I have had a few things out there/in the works for the past four or five months. I've had some response to a few things and no response to other things.

In my perfect world I would have gotten immediate responses back and they all would have worked out successfully! Ha! All summer I've been fluctuating between thinking that I'm not good at what I've been pursuing to nobody likes me to I'm in the wrong line of work. I've been working for the past month to remind myself to be patient, take deep breaths and believe in my goals. Recently, I've heard back from a few of the things that I was pursuing--a couple of them have worked out!

It felt good to get some positive feedback and positive response to those things that I was pursuing. It felt like affirmation that I'm on the right track. But I'm trying to learn to rely on my instincts and hard work and realize that although certain projects might not happen it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm no good or that I'm on the wrong path.

Persistence and patience are valuable traits in the pursuit of passion. It's easy to feel that we're working in a vacuum and that all of the self-exploration and hard work might be for nothing. It helps to get positive reinforcement, especially when you are repeatedly patting yourself on the back, it can feel a bit ridiculous. It's important to remember that discovering and making your passions part of your daily life can take time. It can especially take a while when you're looking for some outside reinforcement (new job, new etsy store, new blog).

Remember that you're on this path as part of your life journey and that it probably won't happen over night and that's okay. We have to remind ourselves that this life is about working to be our best selves and it's a process. Keep in mind your goals, passions and ideals for the future. Believe in yourself and I think if we're true to our selves and work hard that the ultimate plan for our life will begin to reveal itself. I believe that the universe has a plan fo me and with my hard work and participation I can make it happen.

Are you patient? How is your journey working out? Are you losing faith or do you trust the process?

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