Friday, October 7, 2011

Passion as habit--Day 3

I was out for a run this morning, without my camera or phone (boo) and it was a beautiful, freezing fall/winter morning. It was 18 degrees where I live, there was fresh snow on the peaks, frozen grass and the sun was rising. I run on a dirt road where there a bunch of horses with their foals in the pasture. It was a perfect moment.

I realized in that moment that pursuing your passion is similar to any other thing that we incorporate into our daily lives--it must be done with consistency so that it becomes habit! A-ha!

I had never thought of pursuing passion as habit before but it makes sense. If you work on it daily or with regular consistency it will become part of what you do and the general make-up of your life. If pursuing your passion is something that you think about once a year or every few months it's easy to get off track. Similar to eating well or exercising, you cannot expect results if you don't make passion a habit. Honestly, I can't believe that had never occurred to me before. It seems so simple and, hello, obvious.

Writing 31 days of pursuing your passion will have the benefit for me of incorporating passion as one of my daily habits! Did you already know it needed to be a habit and I'm just that dense?

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