Thursday, October 20, 2011

In your element Day 13

That place where your passions and skills collide--when you're in your element. This to me is the ultimate expression of our best selves. For me that's what this whole pursuit is about--being in my element so that I can be my best self.

This is my horoscope from today's paper--which I read after starting this post--

"Meraki is a Greek word that refers to the bliss you feel when you're engaged in a task that's important to you and that you're doing really well. It's your theme right now, Libra. According to my reading of the astrological omens, everything's in place for you to experience meraki in abundance. Furthermore, that's exactly what your destiny is pushing for. So please get out there and do everything you can to cooperate: Make this a meraki-filled week."

Hahahahahaha! It cracks me up because it's so in sync with where I'm at right now! I'm not a huge believer in horoscopes but lately they've really been in line with my thoughts and actions. It makes me laugh! I'm trying to cooperate!

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