Friday, October 14, 2011

Listening--Day 9

The pursuit of passion requires good listening skills. As I discussed yesterday, it's important to listen to the whispers of your heart. It can be difficult though, right? This morning I came across an interesting opporutnity online that I'm considering pursuing for a variety of reasons. But. My heart didn't really sing or expand as I was reading about the opportunity. Is that a sign that it's not right for me?

It's easy to convince yourself and cast aside your doubts and inner voice. The inner voice can be fairly quiet and by letting the louder voice in your head dominate you can easily go against your intuition. Maybe that's where I get led astray and off of my desired path? So rather than immediately pursuing this opportunity (did I mention there's a deadline, and of course the deadline is today) I'm going to stew on it for the day and think about if it's something that gets me interested, excited and energized. I'll do my best to listen to the whispers and then make the decision about whether to pursue the opportunity.

How about you? Can you talk yourself into things, even when your inner self is telling you otherwise?

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