Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knowing what you don't want Day 12

Sometimes knowing what you don't want to do can be just as helpful in pursuing your passion as knowing what you do want to do. It's often easier to name that which we don't want than exactly what we do want. I've been able to refine my list of likes and dislikes over the past few months to more clearly articulate what it is I'm looking for. I enjoy writing, research and analysis. I really like the process of consulting work and policy development. I don't enjoy particularly enjoy the constraints of working for government, busy work, and working without broader goals.

***Photo from Parker Pastures

When I've been looking at opportuntities to pursue my passion or find my calling I've referred back to my list. I've often found opportunities that I feel I could do well but then I realize they include many of the items from my "don't like" list.  I am waiting for and seeking out the right opportunities. This is different than my usual course of action. For many years I pursued every opportunity that might be remotely close to what I am interested in. It hasn't worked out. After casting a broad net for so long I've realized that in order to get further along the path I need to be clear with myself about my intentions, desires, passions and skills. I'm seeking out opportunities that make my heart sing with excitement.

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